Posted by: whosnasays | December 20, 2009

revise..summarise..and sharing

I just loooveee reading,  the problem  now is I keep forgetting wat I been reading..huh..useless la, I’ve to write and share so that I’ll remember and keep it in my mind..huaaa

mission- finish this book by the end of this year.haha..lamenye..and share as much as possible so that I can remember d points as many as possible 😀

“the 21 indispensible qualities of a leader by John C. Maxwell.”

so, here are some of gud points I would like to share…

1) characteristic

Basically, he’s saying that crisis can reveal ones it soo true because only when you are in tough times you will show your true self. this is also as what been told by our prophet SAW (PBUH) that to really know your companion, go and travel with them.. however, Maxwell mention that talent is a gift but characteristic is a choice, option..each decision we choose and make will give impact on us. we are the master of ourselves, everyone undergoes through hard times but the most important is how we face it.  whats the different between a courage person and a coward person?nothing, but it just that the courage person are brave enough to face the challange..always remember that courage is not the absence of fear..

2) charisma..

only now i know the true meaning of charisma…if you have the ability to attract people, then you are a charismatic person.. there was a story written in this book . A very nice story which explain the meaning of charisma.. At one time, there was a lady who had the chance of having to meet two different leaders.when she went back, people ask her what do you think of the first leader?.she said..”hurm..I think he is the cleverest man in England”.. then when she came back after meeting the 2nd leader,people asked her regarding her opinion for d second leader..and she said..”well, when i sat beside him, I think I’m the cleverest woman in England”, what do you think??



  1. woaa.ada gak eh.

  2. very interesting.. i think u have talented in writing blogs, menarikk sangat..

    i wish u can write more..

  3. anyways, memang sangat payah nak cari blog akak ni..

    tak sangka selama 2 bulan ni berjaya gak saya jumpe hehehe..

    jangan mare…

  4. just wanna tell u something, sy tiru intro akak haha…

    [you inspiring me to write the entry eheh]

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